Friday, 24 September 2021

How Victorian can you get?

Continuing the plan to evade responsibility, discover my wild child, and live out the back of a van, come and get the Victorian note in your dining experience. It's at my gaffe, waiting for you.

Screw expander patented by Joseph Fitter, 1864. Crank handle works, original casters, lovely brass frills. Add candelabra and fireplace. Christmas sorted. 



105cm x 105cm without the additional leaf of 40cm. Height 72cm. £175, no courier cost if you're local, because we'll carry it round for free. Otherwise, we'll figure it out between us.

 If you want to come and see it, send me a message. Sadly, becoming rarer! Personally I think there should be a protected space for mechanical furniture. 

 Hopefully, we'll find that space at your house.


PS to the official inheritors. It's not the big one. That one is still your problem.

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