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 Education in England The National System - How it Works (1956) W. P. Alexander

'The Local Education Authority are required under statute to appoint governing bodies in secondary schools and bodies of managers in primary schools which, in their turn, are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the schools. These are the bodies to whom the head teacher of a school can look for guidance and support in his professional task as the person responsible for the conduct of the school.

'Let us therefore state at once the first principle and perhaps the most important principle on which the English system of education rests. We believe in the distribution of power. It is said that the best safeguard for democracy is to ensure that a madman coming to power cannot ruin the people. It will be readily conceded that when Hitler came to power in Germany the fact that he could determine what was taught in the schools of Germany was perhaps the most important factor in creating and consolidating the Nazi regime. Those administering the schools and those teaching in the schools were equally servants of the government. the determination that all education should bend itself to the indoctrination of Nazi philosophy could readily and immediately be followed by effective pursuit of that policy.

'Here in England, let it be said at once, the Minister of Education, while fully responsible to the government, does not have that power. Let it be added that no Minister of Education in England would ever wish to have that power, nor, indeed, would ever exercise any power possessed as Minister for such a purpose. but it is not enough to be confident in the persons who occupy office. It is imperative to secure the future against the potential madman.

'So in England the power of the Minister is limited.'

Pages 2-3, Chapter 1 Outline of English Education

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