Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Five years behind? Kiss my arse.


She's taking Design and Engineering A level at the local Sixth Form after all.

Despite the Geography teacher at the interview, who told her she couldn't do the Design and Engineering course because she's 'five years behind'.

Talk about a red rag to a bull. I have three girls. And I have taught these girls that NO means NO.


My daughter emailed the sixth form head, demanded an appointment with the Design teacher, and went along equipped with her sketch books chronicling her experiences making a coracle, octopus, and kayak.

She then nailed his head to the floor with the BTEC Engineering course she's started, and when he could no longer protest, she pointed out the Smallpiece Marine Engineering course she's taking over summer. *

She's in.

Which I hope serves as a great reminder that home educated kids are NOT five years behind. Unless you live in an institution with your head up your own backside.

But hey! This blog has also included, Here are the warts.

Shark declined an offer from the Sea Cadets to participate in Henley Regatta's Youth Doing Something On Water in a Rowing Boat Slot.

Just imagine! I would have got total Bastard Swanking Parent Rights, announcing loudly that my daughter was TAKING PART IN THE REGATTA!

Then everyone could hate me properly and thoroughly.

As it was, Shark denied me my swanking opportunity on the basis that she was the very last choice, with even the local organiser admitting she couldn't get anyone else, and observing that Shark has yet to row in a straight line.

Everyone agreed the event would have descended into an emergency rescue demonstration on water and probably it was just as well Shark said thanks, but no thanks. (I'm just plotting for next year.)

* Her team won! Twenty-five quid each in prize money for BEST DESIGN of Floating Platform Thingy at Sea!

When she got home, she couldn't decide whether to spend her winnings on a batch of CDs or a corset, on the basis that 'you can never have enough corsets'. There's my girl.