Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Power, law, moral righteousness, book weakness, that sort of thing

Someone wrote to me about grit's day! No, not the threat of prosecution. Not him again. Seriously? If I combine the words 20 Grit, ever again?

We do receive threats of court action, of course we do. It's an inescapable part of modern life, isn't it? These days they mostly come from Lord of the Files at Companies House. Jack routinely sends menacing letters about our future prosecution; he says he'll go away if we hand over more money.

I'm wandering off the point now.

But the person who wrote said how they enjoyed reading grit's day because they couldn't tell what was coming next! It is full of twists and turns!

Not like a backsliding snake. Not at all. Although yes, shifty creeping, ingratiating, wriggling off the hook, and general deniability with affected innocence if necessary.

That skill set probably isn't what they were praising me for, despite my working quite hard to build those talents. I think they meant, by twists and turns, the narrative of ordinary to-ing and fro-ing each days brings, whether it's between Hong Kong/North Bucks, or between breakfast/tea-time. There's always something new to read!

Well, it's kind, and I am flattered, but I feel it's not strictly true. Grit's day is a little predictable, isn't it? Living with triplets, living in house chaos and, to divert myself, dollops of low-grade commodity whimsy.

From then on, all matters historical, geographical, craftical, museum and field related are really to do with the style of education we keep.

Not so twisty-turny really. Truly bad stuff, good stuff, hollows of life circumstance, none of that can really go here. The blog basically must be a public record and my safeguard should anyone want to prosecute me.

Grit's day probably won't help us now regarding the chronic omission of company paperwork, but it might help strong arm me against a Local Authority jobsworth demanding information about why the kids are out and about, enjoying themselves.

I can look at the blog and remember that I carry out a legal duty. Because yes, we spent another two hours and another twenty pounds in a secondhand bookshop despite the fact that I have said No More Spending Hours and Pounds in Secondhand Bookshops.


sharon said...

Personally I consider purchases made in second hand shops or during sales to be savings. Doesn't everyone?

Grit said...

This is true sharon! Handbags, too, and pointy shoes. Also savings, well very made.

Deb said...

I thought that said "Lord of the FLIES" there for a second.

Grit said...

Companies House require only files, deb - pieces of paper correctly filled in, with the right boxes ticked and this year's form of words attached to a cheque.

it is a disaster waiting to happen round here, as you can imagine. some mornings i struggle to get out of bed in the proper arrangement.