Sunday, 24 June 2007

What date is it?

I am a bad, bad mummy. Today, I did not get Squirrel to her rehearsal for her dance performance. Twig is very upset. Squirrel is a cloud and has to be blown across the stage next week, and if she is not here to be blown about, says Twig, then she cannot learn to twirl in the right place.

I could, in my defence, say that I assumed I would not be able to find the rehearsal schedule on my desk, because I can never find anything there, so couldn't be bothered to look for it and check the dates. This would not go down well, so I tell another truth.

I am very apologetic. I say I am sorry we missed Squirrel's rehearsal. Actually we went to the woods today because I thought that there was a fairy walk organised by the local parks department. When we arrived there was only a man who hastened away from me when I asked him if he knew anything about the fairies. When we got home I discovered that I had read the calendar wrong and the fairy walk is on the 24th of July and not the 24th of June. And that's when I discovered we had missed the rehearsal to blow Squirrel about the stage.

You see, I have an inability to handle days of the weeks, months of the years, and time, in general.


Michelle said...

Ah, now that happened to me at Waterstones for a storytelling session but I got lucky 'cos just after Clo demanded to know what I would do to make it up to her, we discovered that there was a pirate session on so we joined in with instead.

grit said...

that's typical. we get wet in the woods and told off by an anorexic ballet teacher and you get to land on your feet next to johnny depp. i'm sulking.