Tuesday, 12 February 2008

In anticipation

Dig: Hurry up! We are late! Where is mummy?
Grit: Squirrel, stop that. Shark, let go of my leg. Tiger, put that down. Where is daddy?
Shark: Will there ever be something to eat?
Squirrel: Will there ever be something to drink?
Tiger: Are we there yet?

Ad infinitum.


Angela said...

I feel your pain... thought the majority of talking comes from my daughter. She's a talker, especially before I've had my coffee...ugh.

Trevor said...

Hi Grit

Hope you enjoy your holiday. Please note on your return that I have recommended your blog for an award. I do this because I think you deserve it rather than, say, in the hopes you'll bring me back something nice from duty-free.

Milla said...

Came here via a comment you left on a friend of mine's blog and glad I did. Love the fish photo, and the sink and, don't worry, not remotely tempted to home educate (yeah, I read down a few) I know we'd descend into a massive amount of sofa sitting, interspersed with making sandwiches, and not dally overly with geography. Hope good hols.

Brad said...

Seems like you've been gone ages. I'm in withdrawl for a Grit story. Hope all are having fun. Look forward to your return.

grit said...

Hello all, stumbling out of the desert (OK then, Dubai duty free), I have ten minutes to catch up on blogland.

I am in the first place humbled that people come to this blog to read about the back gate falling off, and second I am delighted that a blog which devotes itself to such matters might really be recommended for award status.

I may have to go and have a little blub.

And then I will be back, newly inspired, next week.