Monday, 13 December 2010

Otherwise I might forget

Squirrel: Mummy! We saw a dog dyed pink!
Grit: Is the owner wearing purple Versace to match? ... Oh.My.God.

Grit: Psst! Squirrel! Take a discreet picture of that.
Squirrel: What?
Grit: That.
Squirrel: What?
Grit: Oh for goodness sake. Let me do it.

Grit: A worm! A worm! It's enormous!
The Americans: Nancy. Come on over here. You can eat it.

Shark: Mummy, I want to leave.
Grit: Stop bothering me. I'm busy. Look, here is a very interesting exhibit on Chinese U-bends.

Tiger: I am never coming here ever ever ever ever again.
Grit: What is wrong with you? When you see a surgical face mask coming towards you, don't you want to know what type?

Grit: Oh no! What happened? Is everyone alright? Is anyone hurt?
Shark: That is Squirrel's broken glass collection. Look! She made a unicorn.

Grit: Aha! Well done, Shark! I see you have been to collect your traditional Chinese tea cake. The lady says it is excellent. Maybe it is fermented rice with beancurd paste.
Shark: Put it in your handbag. Quickly.

(Rediscovered, one week later, in not the same condition.)

Grit: Shark! Where have you been? What have you got there?
Shark: Mummy, I added it up and it is really cheap for one hundred fish. Where can I keep them?

Tiger: Mummy? What is this?

Grit: It is a laughing corner.
Tiger: A what?
Grit: We can laugh in synchronised Cantonese, Mandarin and English every Saturday at 10am. Would you like to come along?

Tiger: Are you serious?


sharon said...

Wonderful collection of photos - and explanations. That poor poodle!

Grit said...

i am so intrigued sharon, as to how one sets about poodle colouring. i have enough trouble with my own hair, and that doesn't leap about and run off while you're at it with a colouring bottle. i cannot imagine what you have to do to the poodle. drug it?

Rachel M. said...

wow, awesome collection of photos! I call it "Gallery of Grit"

Kestrel said...

That is the funniest post I've read in a long while. That was in fact almost as funny as DYAC and then I had to read your whole post out to my entire brood.

Love the unicorn and btw, love the contents of the lunggage too.