Sunday, 13 February 2011

Gone, gone, all gone!

Over the last days I have wondered if there is any reason for a reader to linger over this blog. Maybe if you are an expat wandering through Hong Kong with a passing interest in pink dolphins.

It has become a very China/Hong Kong blog, hasn't it?

That, I tell myself sadly, is the impact of house visitors. They come here, force you to take them places, demand that you to explain a culture to them - one you are barely able to figure out for yourself - then they hold you hostage unless you show them a walled village.

But that is over. Amidst much child wailing, rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth, Travelling Aunty is travelled back to Blighty; her wheelie case crammed with all essentials, like a packet of Fuku instant noodles, two terracotta warriors, and a dead cockroach. (Only joking Aunty Dee! We didn't put Norman in after all!)

I am sad. But every cloud has a silver lining. Now I can turn my mind to the usual ill-informed, opinionated ranting about AOB. Or, matters childish, family and home educational. The sort that's never going to earn me a chocolate medal the size of a dustbin lid, even though I deserve one.