Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy New Year

Definitely a party atmos on Lamma Island today, what with the Sri Lankans taking over the basketball court and holding a shin dig to celebrate New Year.

We didn't go. Well, the kids did, in the evening. Shark came home after an hour with a puzzled expression. I asked were there many expats there, since this is the sort of thing they turn out for. We ethnic minority types you know, we're all very multiculturally aware, right on and socially integrated, you can be sure of that. We like each other's parties. Anyway, Shark said yes, there was the man who sells books on the corner. Actually, she said, he was lying on the floor, surrounded by beer cans, being licked by dogs. (Dead or alive, not sure.)


sharon said...

Ahh, beer, the great equaliser ;-)

Grit said...

you are right, sharon. being licked by dogs, not so much.