Sunday, 15 March 2015

All for charity

I decided to inflict a few days of ordinary home ed / life stuff on planet earth.

Let's face it, the planet is already weighed down with so much crap, it will barely notice another bucketful.

(Although if this week's postings do tip the balance - sending us spinning into collision with the sun - then I apologise in advance.)

Shark took part in a swimathon last week organised by the Rotary Club.

We were late entrants, so we only discovered the rules after we arrived. Apparently, our team had one hour to swim as many lengths as possible. We also discovered we could have six members in our swimathon team.

Six! Our home ed team had two swimmers. At the last minute, two other children joined in. (Apparently they were not home ed, they said they just didn't want to swim with their own teams.)

Then we discovered one of our new entrants was asthmatic, and the other couldn't swim. We discovered this half way up the pool, when, on his turn, he sank.

As the home ed team (back to two members again) completed its 6 lengths, we noticed how the school teams were ridiculously competitive, boasting 1,298 and 1,301!

We thought that at next year's swimathon, we could easily show the world a thing or two about how home ed can organise itself. So, next year, I am joining in. I am going into training, and I'm going to do it in fancy dress. (I cannot be bothered to collect sponsors or anything. Just give a load of spare cash to some charity or other and I'll dress up anyway.)

(Proves that home ed children are just as good at joining in, if not better.)

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