Sunday, 10 January 2016

Toxophilia? We have that now

Thanks, Squirrel, for introducing me to a whole new world.

Like I wasn't already filled up with windsurfing language - how everyone sits around at the lake, then someone says Way to go with a 3.4 on a duck gybe and he's lost the luff! Everyone laughs. Heartily.

Or the sub-aqua world, where I can just get Give me air NOW but certainly wrong do going up with I'm OK.

But now I need get to grips with Toxophilia. Which isn't love of poisoning people, apparently.

Squirrel started her archery course, and here I am, duh stupid parent, thinking a bow is a bow is a bow, and then I discover it's not. It's a CXT or a 68'' 36-44lb SF forged and riser with right spine arrows.

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