Thursday, 29 March 2018

Beat that, Beyonce

Beyonce, if you need a perfect life - because, let's face it, yours isn't quite good enough - then we can swap places, and you can have mine.

Grit's life, more or less as she went about her business and texted to a variety of friends and family.

Oh! #myperfectday.

> Are you still sick? I just rammed the car into a metal bar, dented the door, and smashed off the trim.

> I have bought a bin.

> I will get potatoes from Lidl.

> Of course I drove back and picked up the trim. The garage can glue it back on.

> I bet I can get the dent out with a hammer.

> I also smashed the sidelight. I hope you do not want peas.

> I am at the dentist.

> Shark hates me.

> Does that mean we do not have to pay the £500 fine?

> Yes, I am taking her climbing. I have driven her up the wall. HAHAHAHA.

> We are going to A&E.

> We are coming home. He is malingering. They say clear off until you are dying.

> Thank you. Please say nothing to my advanced driving instructor.

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