Saturday, 14 April 2018

Families who...

This family has moved into new territories.

But my emotional attachments to the landscapes through which we lived our lives, they are still strong.

Our ways of living were informed by our alternative educational choices. Those decision points, in turn, were informed by dozens of well-springs.

At first, we picked our way through practicalities, observations, and loves. We drew on our anti-authority dispositions, our arrogances and ignorances. We bluffed it out and marshalled our forces because, once we embarked, we knew our decision must be the right one for us.

Looking back, I don't regret a minute of our home education journey. Although there were days which felt like a life sentence. Some days felt like a hideous mistake. Plenty of days felt wonderfully, gloriously, free.

Now, in our new landscapes with fresh problems, I need to choose how to support the community that, in one sense, we are no longer part of. But ideologically, emotionally, we stay. Right there.

Changes to the law affect every parent, and every family who have children to educate, by school or otherwise.

What choices we can make, everyday, in this world.

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