Saturday, 15 June 2019

I recommend the bicycle of loveliness for sturdy mental health

My inner hippy is unburdened. I am cycling about this wonderful place of Milton Keynes, discovering its patterns of cycle paths, canal paths, woodlands and walkways.

I love it. And my bike. I love that too. Even though it is an old boneshaker with a wobbly wheel I sweet-talked off Freecycle.

And Squirrel was right! My lady garden has become numb to the pain of being totally flattened.

As you can see, my blogplace is become beautiful places to be.

At bike-height, I can enjoy the world with a different eye! I notice little things that I would never see from the windscreen of a Citroen. Like the detail on this driveway gate. Impressive juvenilia. (Much more engaging than a spray-canned penis.)

Pedal power has such supreme advantages over the motor car too! Here, I legged it to a local old-geezer music festival, where I can choose to drink beer without a second thought.

The only downside I have yet found is that cycling in the rain is fecking misery.

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