Friday, 16 March 2007


No grit in Grit's day today, thanks to a lovely afternoon with Jol, eating and talking and drinking coffee.

So no grit there.

A grit-free day, then.

Except trapping my finger in the car door after parking it in a panic at Waitrose where they charge you £2 to park the car unless you buy some strawberry smoothie and a bucket of fruit.

And discovering the dishwasher's contents after getting back from our day out. The dishwasher is energy-saving, so doesn't use any water. Or, possibly, any energy. Clearly the new way of using this remarkable appliance is to rinse all the dishes before they go in, and wash all the dishes when they come out.

And, of course, if there was any grit in my day, it would probably be the road closure on the B-road across the hills to Middletown, which made us half an hour late for the home educators 'Making Pills and Shampoo' workshop.

I'd just like to say this lateness was not thanks to us being incapable of rolling out of bed before 8.30. We did roll out of bed at 7.30, actually.

I know no-one will believe me.

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