Friday, 30 March 2007

Grit's day off

It's another day off for Grit today. We're with Jol and Am, locked in the downstairs toilet probably, until it's time to prise Shark, Tiger and Squirrel away from Am. Even before we arrive I have to promise that we'll go again.

In the evening we're onto a disco party in the Methodist Church hall where the ladies can get tipsy on Ribena and make an exhibition of themselves on the dance floor before falling over and bursting into tears.

Fortunately I am equipped for that part of the day and have a handbag-sized bottle of wine in the car. I will smuggle it in for the disco bit and drink it from the cup on my thermos flask so that everyone thinks I am having green tea. Knowing how dreadfully wrong things sometimes go for me, I bet I get spotted and grassed up and the police will arrive along with the Methodists whose hall it is, then it won't be a day off at all, it will be a night in the police cells and the children in care.

Of course the day could go swimmingly well, and nothing goes wrong at all. In which case, it will be a lovely day. And thank you for having us, Jol and Am!

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