Friday, 21 September 2007

Brown. Not fresh.

You might have noticed that I am always late with these blog entries. On that point, I seem to have been doing some explaining recently in one way or another. Well, I am going to explain the procedure here, so that when someone asks me what I am doing and why the blog is always late, then I can say 'look on the blog' because the explanation is here.

Actually, saying 'look on the blog' is becoming the perfect reply for everything, as well as providing a great excuse to not say anything to anyone if I don't feel like it, so when the polite inquiry comes, 'how are you Grit?' I can say, 'look on the blog' and leave it at that.

Now I'm thinking about it, perhaps I do not need to speak at all, which would suit me fine on extra-grumpy and depressed days, but I could wear a badge that reads 'Grit happens. Look on the blog' and then I can just grunt and point.

Well anyway, since someone asked, this is what happens. Each day I crash into the office and type very badly and quickly into the computer something that happened. Then, when I have time, I go back and rewrite what I wrote so that nearly all the spelling mistaikes are gone and the grammar is better and all that, with punctuation too, if I can manage it.

Sometimes I astonish myself, or I get left alone for a few hours, and then I catch up on all the dates and the draft entries, nearly completely. But in reality I do not have a lot of time. And for that explanation there's the label.

In truth, this wasn't the post I intended for today. But clearly I was pressed for time, because I only have the following three words in my draft version, and right now I cannot make head nor tail of them. But here they are, just in case you were wondering what happened in Grit's world today.

Brown. Not fresh.

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