Saturday, 26 July 2008

Photoblog day out

Here is Shark, and Squirrel, and Tiger, meeting up in Wales after a week apart.

That's forty minutes before everyone is towed around the Mappa Mundi exhibition in Hereford.

One and a half hours before everyone is forced to enjoy themselves at Snowshill.

And five minutes before the first argument. The one about who is allowed to look out of the window of the car.

And here is a flashing sea slug, hand-made by Squirrel. It accompanied us for the entire journey there and back, attached to a bit of string.

I agree that it is not impressive and does not even look like a sea slug. But don't tell Squirrel. It is a present for Shark.

After that bizarre addition, I may as well post a photograph of a lot of eyeballs in a box.

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