Monday, 21 July 2008

Pictures of floors

Grit is in a frenzy of cleaning and is uncontactable.

Some of the time she is gloating. Because she can see this.

The floor in the front room.

The staircarpet leading to the bedrooms.

And the rug in the Princess Room.

Can you see any plastic crap / bits of paper / orange peel / knickers / cuddly toys / bits of yellow wool / pieces of cut up cardboard / pencils, crayons and entire stationery cupboard assortment / body parts ?

No. That is why I am gloating.

And while I am doing that, Squirrel and Tiger take a historic footstep on the road to delinquency, addiction and drug dependency. Dig took them both out, so I could get on unhindered, and he took them to a play garden. At the pub.


sharon said...

I can feel your sense of achievement but what a shame you couldn't use the free time just for you and not the BLOODY HOUSEWORK!!!

Nice floors though - ooh, and when you kill the litterer do not leave any bloodstains !

Samurai Beetle said...

Wow, I've never heard of the idea of a pub having a play garden. That is so interesting. I'm quite sure we don't have this option in the states. Children eateries tend to be McDonald's or Chuck E Cheese.

Grit said...

I agree Sharon, I have left the ruddy vacuum cleaner on the stairs for three months now in the hope that someone will pick it up and use it ... um, nope. it becomes a question of who cracks first.

hi samurai beetle! some 'family friendly' pubs have play areas; then we have the wacky warehouses which are revolting stench houses of mire and misery, kids and chips. but useful.