Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A fine day out in London

If you fancy a visit to London, come with the Grit and Dig family today.

Squirrel, stop chattering about mongoose and stand still. I'll take your photo. What train? Dash! Nearly missed it thanks to taking silly pictures of a Squirrel when we can photograph her anywhere. Anyway, it's useful to have a picture. We might lose her again. This time we can tell the police and security staff what's she's wearing. Last time I couldn't remember. Anyway, all aboard!

Now, we're in a public place, no screaming. What's in mama's bag? It's the comb and detangler! Let's get started! And Tiger, no screaming or clutching at your head while you roll about the floor. The other passengers don't like it.

Thank goodness we made it on the Tube. Squirrel? Where's Squirrel? Phew, that was lucky. Can we keep an eye on her now please?

Here we are! First stop! Piccadilly Circus road junction. Mama's on memory lane now. Do you know little gritlets, I worked in an office at the top floor of Liberty's in Regent Street? One day I'll tell you all about it. Although tales of drunken staff hurling computers from windows might have to wait until you're older. Anyway, we're here for Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum with a big bunch of home educators! Squirrel, stop wandering off. Come and have your photo taken at Eros with your sisters while we wait for everyone else.

No arguing. It's a tradition.

And stop kicking the pigeons. I agree they are vile rats with wings and should be exterminated but they're flapping in my direction.

At last all our group is here! In we go!

What an assortment of junk. A duck made out of trash. I cannot say the experience has advanced my understanding of humanity one jot. Although now I can believe I'm living on a planet full of mad people.

Phew! Thank goodness we're out of there! And now we're crossing the Thames! This is fun, isn't it Shark? And where's Squirrel?

Now while we wait for our home ed crowd, let's have a stroll along the river. Remember finding out about Simon de Montfort? We need to pause here everyone for a lesson on the English Parliament. Tiger, come out from that candy floss shop. I'm not buying any.

Aha! This is what we're really here for today, isn't it Shark? An afternoon at the London Aquarium.

Is that funny noise the fire bell? My goodness, listen to the recorded message with a very calm lady repeating, This is an emergency. This is an emergency. This is an emergency. She's not panicking at all, is she? Unlike Squirrel. Dig, hold her hand. She's becoming all scared while we are marched along a dark corridor and thrown out into the street. Typical. That wasn't a very useful way to spend half an hour. Let's have everyone back inside and we can start again.

Now Shark, do I have to keep taking pictures of fish?

OK then. Well look, we've been here four hours now and they're shutting the place up. We'll come back when they've built the walk-through tunnel. Now, shall we do something really ill advised, and walk over to our favourite Spaghetti House and eat pizza and chocolate cake?

What a lovely day out! And off the train just in time to get home for bed! Have we got everyone? Where's Squirrel? Squirrel? Has anyone seen Squirrel?


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

You need to tie lengths of ropes to the gritlets and keep the ends firmly in your hands, that's the only way to not get anxious about their whereabouts. I think three are just two too many to keep track off. Too bad you couldn't keep some of them in a stroller. I think you call that a pushcart in England. Maybe you could tie bells to their ankles and wrists so that you could always hear them move about.

mamacrow said...

' I think three are just two too many to keep track off.'

:::falls on the floor laughing hysterically:::

oh boy, I remember having only three to keep an eye on...

sounds like an eclectic trip!

sharon said...

A passing thought, does the duck remind you just slightly of a certain goose?

Retractable leads may be more aesthetically pleasing than 'lengths of rope', such a shame when the children become too big for reins ;-).

A fine day out. We have a very fine Aqua Centre in Perth (complete with sharks) should you ever consider the trip over. Actually I'm sure Trev blogged about it soon after they arrived on our shores.

Grit said...

thank you for your comments people, except that i am darkened by thoughts of goose.

Brad said...

I think I would make an ideal candidate for your au pair this year. I could keep track of at least 2 gritlets at a time. And I would do it just for a trip to London!