Saturday, 15 November 2008

It is not art. It is crap.

I see the Jurassic goose has made an appearance again. Or should that read, Mangled up piece of crap Tiger made out of paper in 2004 is dragged out of recycling bin.

And here it is. Or rather here's a photo taken by the proud owner and maker, Tiger. Can you spot the head and neck?

No. I didn't think so. Tiger insisted on taking this photo. She then made me take remedial action via Photoshop because she photographed the goose behind the sofa with the curtains closed and it was all dark.

Dutifully, and because I love Tiger more than all the tea in China, but remain not sorry about trying to send her goose to the shredder, I've shoved her photo through Photoshop as required and shown her the result. Sensing triumph, she then demands it appears on my blog. Here you all can admire it. She is very proud of this goose.

Really, Tiger is gloating, because she realises that throughout this long struggle of goose, bin, photo, and a software package that mama doesn't know how to use, this episode has turned into something of a two hour parental punishment. She probably feels confident it'll teach me not to try and smuggle Jurassic goose in the bin again.

Well Tiger, unlike my first and second attempts, next time I will make sure I am not caught. And let's hope you don't see my raised fist of triumph when I've finally sent this piece of garbage to the paper abattoir where it belongs.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

That's right, you put your foot down and tell it the way it really is.

Jaywalker said...

I am having some difficulty identifying the component parts, though I admire the artist's vision. Did Damian Hirst give up when the first shark started rotting? No he did not. He got his army of slaves to pickle him another one. Tiger is definitely on to something.

Brad said...

Mother always said: "If you can't say anything nice..."

Well, It's a lovely rug.

sharon said...

You could always invest in a heavy duty shredder, then the 're-cycling' will be unrecognisable ... I know, I am evil, evil!

Anonymous said...

Having spent Sunday afternoon at the new Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea I can honestly say that Tiger has a great future ahead of her!

mamacrow said...

it's clearly a goose. philistine.

Grit said...

absolutely, irene. it's not that i am rude. i merely get to the point.

jaywalker, hirst better look to his laurels. only today i hung on the walls a piece entitled 'wood with fifteen pins nailed into it'.

brad! you spotted that! it's a remnant of a trip to india, bought in agra and made up with child labour.

sadly sharon, i suspect tiger is so bonded with her jurassic goose she would glue the shreds back together. next time i need cover of darkness and a blowtorch.

mud! you can have first pick of the next tiger art installation. i bet 'wood with fifteen pins nailed into it' would look fine in your front room.

Grit said...

mamacrow, you are biased towards children. you know we have to get over those days when if they picked up a crayon, it meant they were a reincarnation of picasso.