Friday, 15 October 2010

Calling in between dimensions

Reader, if you are trying to contact me, Apologies. I may not respond. I am gone to 1325.

It is very exciting. But dangerous. Even to type this auto reply I have had to leave the future King Edward III, travelling in France. I must return to him, otherwise disaster could happen. He might fall from his horse, or suffer other fatal damage on page 40. If I am not there to remedy it with reading onwards, compelling him to stand up bravely again and meet King Charles of France as is his destiny, then the whole course of English history could change. It would be all my fault.

If you need the children, they are busy too. One is enmeshed in Victorian England, and must confound the dastardly beggar she fears will bash her on the head as she pedals her bicycle along a lonely country lane. Peddle quicker, Shark!

Tiger is off with the unicorns. She is lost to me, in a place I cannot reach. If you meet her, remind her that unicorns have many magic powers when up against the wizards, but they still cannot cook her a pasta dinner. Send her this way. I know that when she is hungry, she will need me. I will be here then for her.

Squirrel, I admit, I picked her up and set her down in nineteenth century Libya. On a roof. I thought it would be good for her. She did not object, too much. She settled in quickly. When I meet her again in twenty-first century Hong Kong, we will discuss twentieth century politics, religion, women, and power. Which I think shows the enormous flexible minds of squirrels in general and the talents of Stolz and her careful translators in particular.

If you need Dig, he's out. He lives permanently inside other dimensions. He wanders there for days, weeks, and sometimes months. But I know he has recently entered planes of conscience, freedoms, autonomies and powers and declared it works 'very well'.

If you want, you could come and join us.

Grit, Shark, Tiger, Squirrel, and Dig.


sharon said...

Speaking of unicorns - Have the girls read Peter S Beagle's The Last Unicorn? It's old but worth a look.

Kelly said...

Ooooooh! Ian Mortimer is fab fab fab! Wait till you get to his Fears of King Henry IV (if you haven't already!)