Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I bet drink, drugs and cheap men start the same way

A stationery shop! Wait. I'm looking. I wonder what's inside? I'll pop in my head and see. For research. We might need something later. I need to know where to get it from. Come in with me and look too. No, I'm not buying anything, just a quick look. They have schedulers! I'd be organised if I had a scheduler. You would benefit too, because you wouldn't miss any event if I wrote it down in a scheduler. No, it's not the same as a diary. They're completely different. And they're lovely. Oh, I really want to take this one. It has pictures of mice in it! No, just this one. I must take it, because I'm here now, it's useful to have one, and it's cheap. Give it back. I need it. Look at this one! I adore it. Howabout if I keep this one and send this one away as a present. What? It's good to be kind to others. And I am selfless. These schedulers would make excellent presents. I might not find this shop again. Better take four. Make it eight and I keep four and send four away. Shut up. Go and look at pens. They have a scheduler called Mr Panda! I love that. It's a bargain. I must have two. And I'm not leaving without two copies of this one. I'll get a basket. I have fifty dollars on me. That's our absolute limit. No more. Look! This one comes with a picture of a false nose! Be quiet. Don't tell daddy. Excuse me, do you take cards?


Nora said...

Ha ha, those kinds of shops are very dangerous. I have to stay away from them myself. I have no cash flow and no cards and I doubt they'll take pity on me and give one away for free.

sharon said...

So funny, I do that at my favourite online shop. And the word SALE = red rag to a bull! I save an awful lot of money that way ;-) Husband says if I stopped buying stuff I'd save even more. They just don't understand do they!

Grit said...

that is a good idea, nora. i should just stay out. but i cannot. i am weak. and it is good to admit to one's failings in the hope that one day i may improve. i hope not for a while yet though.

the best thing that probably ever happened sharon is that i could not get the bastardpaypal system to work for me. for millions of people round the world? no problem. for me, the entire process was like being locked in a shed with a panther. i got out, clawed and mauled, and decided never to go there again.

and no cards online either. i am phobic that mr big wants to steal my £3.67. i use dig's. but then he knows! he knows!