Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It's not a fancy, it's a learning experience

No-one can have tea because I SAY SO.

Tiger must research the shortcrust pastry layer with its river of jam, because that is EXACTLY like the Classical Greek creation of the underworld, submerged beneath the marsh of the Styx. Then Shark has to tell us about the frangipane layer or OBVIOUSLY the Asphodel Fields, where you can lose your duties, imperatives, and humanities amongst that sublime almond savoury. And Squirrel can stop whining and tell us all about her findings on the Elysian Fields, where the righteous get to eat the cherry top. TRUE.

Well, I am a smug bastard home educator. You didn't think we could do something as simple as just eat a fekking Bakewell Tart, did you?

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