Monday, 27 August 2012

Name day

Tiger declares today her Name Day. I have given up explaining this, except to say that several years ago I had a thoroughly bad idea, and was even foolish enough to suggest it in words, that if you are one of three people sharing a birthday, then isn't this a great opportunity to do some maths!

Let's divide 24 hours by 3! Now what is the point of crying about it? The answer is easy! Does it matter if you're asleep? Discuss.

The purposeful home educating mother, who never lets a moment slip by without finding instruction of something - times tables, usefulness of electricity, Degas, anatomy of sheep, reasons for the Second World War - should learn her lesson which is, frankly, bleeding obvious. Shut up and let the kid have her way. 24 hours can be all your unrivalled, non-competitive, undivided own, with a Name Day.

Well I suppose it is also an opportunity to make use of Aunty Dee spreading tablecloths, get Shark making Horse Cake (no actual horses were cooked), invite The Hat over to entertain us all with stories of her latest car-related disaster (forgot the handbrake, collision with lamp post, cat locked in boot for 2 days, etc etc) and fool about draping grapes over a cake stand.

The event was gentle enough. It brought about a behavioural saintliness and sibling cooperation, probably in the expectation of tea-time presents, but also provided more cake, friends, chat, plenty of fruit, another bucket of strawberries, and a late night. Satisfying. Teaches me that the grown up educator should sometimes shut her face, and that children choosing their own entertainments and celebrations can, yes, end in a smile.

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