Saturday, 3 November 2012

A little knowledge

Evidence, once again, that the gritlets leave the house to grunt at other human beings apart from me. Today they are out, having fun with corpses.

I keep telling Squirrel it is copse, but she's having none of it. I've given in gracefully, and corpse it is. So here are the gritlets, having fun with corpses, Texas Chainsaw style.

I am told, by the papa of the gang, that everything went well. No actual human limbs were severed, although quite a few thickety sprigs met their end. All the experimental junior woodsfolk were placed under the watchful eye of a he-giant, a Hercules of the woods, who could do proper grunting and cutting with long saws. He prevented each of the juniors from dismembering themselves or anyone else on their first corpsing experiment.

I'm not convinced no other dark work was afoot. It looks to me like Shark has begun to know the supreme power that can shudder through the body when wielding a pair of heavy slicing clippers and a shining sharp-toothed saw. I'll take no chances. After this first blooding with bark and block, I resolve now to nightly lock the garage door, and keep my hedge clippers under closer watch.

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Retiredandcrazy said...

My, haven't the girls grown into beautiful young ladies. They are a credit to you xxx