Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Legally, this does it for Wednesday

Section 7 of the 1996 Education Act states your parental duty is to equip Tinkertop with an efficient and suitable education. 

How would you define efficient or suitable

Round here today, I'm defining efficient as taking the quickest, most expedient, and cheapest route to an end. Which means I take Shark, Squirrel and Tiger along to a community hall to thrash about in a Willow Withie Workshop with tissue paper, masking tape, and glue. I'm given a discount on the basis that triplets share. See? Quick, simple, and a bargain.

And suitable? I'm defining this to mean Shark, Squirrel and Tiger must have the cultural understanding to fit into, take part in, and help grow the life of a community in which they are a part. 

Then we can give a big happy legal tick here with the Willow Withie Workshop. Because this is in preparation for the event, taking place in a short time, when our local community comes together, out and about on the streets, in a night-time outdoor ceremony involving candles and twisted wicker. 

(I merely recommend strangers don't come into town on that day.)

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