Thursday, 13 December 2012

A frosty start

Dig has returned home in time for winter! And England is obliging! Hasn't the frost shown us all the exquisite detail of life? For every tender stem, slender twig, and crooked coil of bracken passing this freezing winter night out of doors, nature provides a sparkling coverlet, a perfectly formed crystal coat, better than any gem wrought by human hand!

What poetry! What perfection! Enough to make me leap out of bed, cry yes! yes! YES! and click away with my trusty camera, to try and know I'll fail to catch the wonder of winter's coat! But the very attempt to know the precision of nature merely adds to my marvel of it all.

Dig, inspired by this poetry and the novelty of frost, because you don't get that in Hong Kong harbour, picks up his travel-worn camera and delightedly steps into the street to photograph a tree; it hangs from the garden over the hedge and drips into the road. 

Within a minute Dig is assaulted by a passer-by who harangues him for attempting to photograph their movements, then threatens to sort him if he doesn't delete the photograph now this instant. 

A mere 24 hours in England! In Dig's first day he is assaulted by London Midland, children, a disfigured cherry tree, and me, demanding something is done about the fallen down office ceiling. The second, by a random stranger in the street! 

And winter has only just begun! England hasn't yet offered him drizzle, grey cloud, constant rain, a flooded cellar, and his Christmas present.

Oh what seasonal delight yet lies ahead.

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Rachel M. said...

Oh the fun of being a traveling parent, there really is no mercy is there? You're home now you must participate immediately!