Monday, 24 December 2012

Proving no learning is ever lost

Grit! That module on packaging design wot you took on your design course when you had to make safe packs for 3-pin plugs and tea sets has really come into its own! I bet your lovely ole tootor is now a-looking at this fine packaging result with tears in his eyes.

Of course it is not wot Dig says! A dismembered body part casually wrapped in chip paper.

No! It is a beautiful gift item, lovingly wrapped in chip paper.

I can't remember what's in it now. By Christmas Eve I've got loads of packages like this! Maybe it is the stitch-your-own-cat I found in the charity shop for 25p. Hope the ears are all in it. If it's not that, it could be the bundle of wool from the old lady, the three 2012 diaries I got free from Scrapstore, or a jumper for Dig. I hear reindeers are v. popular these days. We wouldn't want tears of disappointment on Christmas morning now, would we?


Irene said...

If you ask me, I'd say it's a bust from Napoleon without his hat on.

Grit said...

irene! you guessed!