Saturday, 19 January 2013

Double love heart with a cupid dart

Apparently I double booked. Now on three days running, so compounding my crime.

Kid can't do sub aqua. I scrounged tickets to hear a man talk about maps. Kid can't do Woodcraft Folk. I just forgot. I booked the theatre instead. Mummy, what about the science fair? Sheez. I paid money for the horse workshop.

I could make a point about being overwhelmed with stuff in this ridiculously busy world we live in, home ed la-la land. I daily wade knee-deep in activities, events, workshops, and would you like a ticket opportunities. There is simply too much to do, and too much to follow up. Fear not if you're aiming to jump from school to home. Poke about this earth, and find education is a deep, rich field.

But on the time thingy, I tried! My wishes never came true for two Tuesdays in every week and the magic spell totally failed for 78 hours every Thursday. So I have to face it. Given the obstinate and uncooperative way the calender behaves, I just can't fit everything in and, worse! I double booked the entire week.

Okay, then there is that other thing right now. I admit. It's not only a too-wide educational vision and a slight dose of dementia with a smattering of calender blindness.

My head is bound in leather, ribbon and chain.

All I can say to Shark, Tiger and Squirrel is I'm sorry.

How about as punishment you take away from me the entire responsibility for organising a timetable and shut me in my craft room instead?

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