Saturday, 26 January 2013

Really, they are mocking me

Look. One of the world's premier collections of second-hand cake stands.

I searched for an entire bastard month to locate a three-tier cake stand on which to display nine home-made fancies and a bunch of plastic grapes given to me free by an old woman desperate to get rid of them. The sight of two dozen cake-stands piled in a barn comes at me a little like a giant mocking bellylaugh from the cake-stand sprite who has been amassing them all along.

Now there is sure to be someone like me - I am rarely a pioneer in anything, including theatrical tea-times with table cloth, cake stand, and badly-decorated home-bashed fancies - so I just thought I would help you out with your cravings. Risby Barn Antique Centre. Now you know where all the cake stands have been hiding.

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