Monday, 4 November 2013


We must visit Stourhead, obviously, after hearing gardener Alan Power's lyrics on the Radio 4 Eddie Mair Show.

Believe it or not, in Stourhead, it's all autumn, autumn, autumn.

And people photographing autumn, those twitchers of trees.

Don't forget the temples, too.

Fortunately! Alongside the many talents of this household, we have an informal training in eighteenth-century garden design! This is a benefit of living near enough to Stowe that we visit for their National Trust tea parties, wee in their bushes, and have our ball confiscated from us in 2003, but you can never say I hold a grudge.

Stourhead. I recommend a visit, if you like autumn, belonging to the Eddie Mair club, the lyrics of Alan Power, or temples.

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