Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Steampunk Asylum, Lincoln

Thank goodness I'm not alone in wanting to wear plumbing joints, shower hoses, top hats, pith helmets and corsets. I don't care what the Daily Mail says. This is still Britain, we are still British, and there are hundreds of us.

The annual Steampunk bash. Get thee to a plumbing shop, get out the leather, make the corset, and join us.

Hopefully, I shall be there again with my Knicker Drawers and The Undeniable Husband. Here I am, occupied with the gin and ghost tour (a combination I highly recommend),

taking tea at the Very Splendid Lady Roses Edwardian Tea Room, Lincoln Assemby Rooms,

and taking photos of The Undeniable Husband aka Professor Pragma and his Language Translation Machine.


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