Saturday, 10 October 2015

Counting the days...

Exams make life BORING, do they not?

Here is the conversation I had today with Shark:

Grit: Would anyone like to go to the PICTURES tonight with me? You are all aged 15! We can go and see Sicario! It has drugs and violence on the Mexican border!

Shark: I have my Jane Austen essay to write.
Tiger: I need to do an hour of maths.
Squirrel: Silence. (Not here. In a field with a bundle of old Astronomers, somewhere on a dark site.)

Grit: Goooooo OOOOOOONNNNNN. Come with meeeeeee! It will be FUN. We can eat ice cream while men blow things up. Then a woman will face a moral dilemma before becoming bitterly disillusioned with law, order and the justice system in today's USA. PLEEEASE. If you do not come with me I will have to go on my own!

Shark: Be back in the house by 10.30.


Ebonski said...

Hi Grit.
Trevor here, I used to write the 'Triplets (or oh my god we're outnumbered)' blog (before it got deleted by Google...)

Haven't checked in on yours for a while but good to see all is going well. Particularly nice to see Shark is continuing on with her sailing. We are back in Ireland and I am involved in restoring a 1926 sailing ship which will be used for sail training etc. Google 'Ilen' to see details. Maybe when we get it up and running Shark may like to join us for a sail some day.

My daughter Ava (9)may be following Squirrel as she shows a keen scientific interest, particularly in astronomy. All she wanted for her birthday was a telescope and microscope and has a rotating solar system for a light in her room. She’s also working towards her black belt in Aikido so hopefully will be smart and able to kick ass.

Anyway, just touching base as it’s great to see your family growing so well.
Best regards
Trevor Ross

Grit said...

Hi Trevor! How lovely to hear from you! Shark would definitely be up for that. Since she went off to a Man of the Waters to build her own Coracle she now wants to cost, design and built her own boat... She definitely wants some of that sailing future... her ambition is to team sail to Australia. She's joined the sea cadets, completed a marine engineering course and has requested the marine engineering project week with the Smallpeice Trust next year. ...So the next question is, what age do you accept volunteer workers?!