Thursday, 25 August 2016

The home education igcse results

Yes, if you're worried about the home ed journey, don't be.

Frankly, I chewed my fingers back to the elbows. I needn't have.

Shark picked up an A* in Maths because she likes Maths.

Don't imagine for one moment that I taught it. I have trouble navigating the 1x table. Assessed, I come in at about 9-years old on the maths score system. Nope. No teaching from either me or the Undeniable Husband. Shark taught herself. She decided on the syllabus she wanted, supervised the book purchasing, asked for a quiet place to watch YouTube, and off she went.

I want this small tale to reassure you. When children find their own motivations, when they follow the paths they set for themselves, when they like something, there's no stopping them. Enthusiasm and interest cannot be beaten into them. But it can be beaten out of them. So if you're looking in dismay to Tinkertop, who in September seems to be losing her love of stuff, then we have different ways to skin that cat.

This year, Shark's delight was matched by Tiger's love for Latin, and Squirrel's natural flair in EngLit.

We're happy. No-one has to re-sit; and no-one had to go to school to get the end result.

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