Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Too Much OPINION, Thank You, Lady!

Get me! I'm censored!

Tsk. I spent years supporting Shakespeare's Globe, shoving hard-earned cash in their direction, toot-tooting its fine achievements from the rafters, singing the joys of just being there, and dragging people from around the world to stand in the Pit - that sacred space.

And now they've removed my comment on the dreadful mashup of Macbeth from their discussion lists.

I didn't even use the words bugger arse weasel or kerfuffle.

What is it? Am I too dashed CRITICAL in my middle years? Too much purple in the clothing? Maybe I analyse too much. I look at stuff from the start, middle and end; I look at voices and acting, singing and dancing, comedy, tragedy, history; the problem. Maybe I ask why.

Dear Shakespeare's Globe. Why the dreadful sound system? Why the mash-ups? Why are you wrecking stuff that wasn't broken? Why are you alienating your Old Friends?

When our membership renewals come about from the Gritty household, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, does anyone want my 4 groundling tickets for IMOGEN, 25 September?

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