Friday, 9 September 2016

Think about that

One of the benefits of home education is that you can work from home, especially using your skills.

When we started work from home (before children, and not on my Knickerdrawers) we opened a company account, hired an accountant (we still use the same firm), and the bank kindly called us a 'lifestyle company'.

I'd like to say that, except for a brief attempt (in 1999? can't recall) to employ office help (it was a disaster), we have not grown our company at all. We work just the same, probably by some measure surfing a poverty line (we don't have a flat-screen TV, and the last time I bought a pair of shoes not from the charity shop was 2002), but we have spent the days doing the things we like to do, chugging through the years with some of this and some of that. It has all been the most happy time.

This year I have found that making books is become more of a delight, so I might do some more. It will be unprofitable, of course, but hopefully I can justify the leather to make some more. Who can tell? The kids (they always come first if you make them your lifestyle) might come up with another clever idea about how we can focus our days. Making adjustable wings for the Steampunk community perhaps?

But I know that September can bring about a major reflection in a life. People begin their commute, pack the kids away, settle down, I hear, to normal. Then some might think, I wonder if there's a different way to live?

Well, you could dream about that in a Knicker Drawer Note Book. I've probably made one, just for you.

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