Thursday, 19 January 2017


An outing! In emergency mode, I book tickets for Passengers, ten minutes before it actually begins. This is how life is. We have an hour? Quick! Do something that sounds like an old life. Grab Squirrel and take her to sit at Cineworld.

Forget about the science! Who cares that you can hold the door open for a thermo-nuclear blast wearing not much more than a rubber-Neoprene combo and face mask? Sounds reasonable to me, especially if the girl of your dreams drowned already and magically revived, although her lungs must be filled with water, by having a cough and a splutter.

Go. It's fine. I enjoyed it. And so did Squirrel. Because there is one thing we ex-home edders like to do still, and it's live a teensy bit spontaneous.

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