Sunday, 1 January 2017

This time, with feeling

Hurrah! 2017! I can feel my flurry of new resolutions coming on.

I wonder if I could do that bloggy-thing again. Post, not for posterity, but for the bewilderment of my children, every bleeding day!

Not sure. Last time I writted about home education (for years, possibly), I not only wanted to impart how life can be from the vantage point of implementing a bastard strong-armed educational righteousness vis-à-vis Real Life, I also wanted to Prove Dig Wrong.

In 2006, Dig said I wouldn't keep any record past the first week. And I just needed to show him what an iron streak of bloody-minded Oppositional Defiance Disorder can do.

But this time, it all feels different. My ball of determined rage/anguish/singlemindedness is gone. I have softened, remoulded by experience, and willing to take on a few new shapes. So this time, Dig might be right. If I started up the daily blog again, for it to last nearly one week before I reappeared in July, it wouldn't even bother me! Life moves on, and this time, it couldn't be all about an education.

But who can tell what happens next. I am open to a feeling for this, and a feeling for that.

And that is what I want. I'm going to make 2017 a year, unpredictably, full of it.

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