Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's easy to make a puppet

Yet another reason for the great house clearance! Today I put Badman in the bin.

That will make no sense to people who come to gritsday to read about Grit and kids crashing around in fields and ditches on a home educating journey. You probably think Badman is a puppet with a pillow for a head, cushion stuffing for brains, and two wiggly eyes, one of which has dropped off and been crushed by a sofa leg.

You are right.

This despicable little puppet is now all shredded up and heading for the compost and bloody good riddance to the little rag.

And that is a very lovely fresh all over clean feeling. I'm enjoying it for just a few brief hours, or at least before I begin the long trek through General Election Land. And now I start that reading and thinking process with a tidy front room, better vision, and a clearer mind.

On the other hand I am not getting rid of the lion puppet with a sock up its bum.

It's easy to make a puppet. This is what you do. You buy an ordinary stuffed toy for 20p at your local charity shop. You cut a circular hole in its bottom, and you pull out a channel of stuffing right to its head, a little bit like you are making a digestive tract to its mouth. Then you insert a sock up through the bumhole, right up to the mouth, and for security sew the edge of the sock to the opening. See?

Now you should be able to insert your hand up through the toy, like so

... then with your fingers, wiggle the legs, manipulate the mouth, wave the arms and nod the head.

There! A puppet Badman. Sorry, lion.


sharon said...

Very clever. Will try to remember that just in case I ever acquire a grandchild or two before I completely lose my marbles.

Potty Mummy said...

You know, I can't imagine why, but I just KNEW there was going to be a reference to Badman in this post as soon as I saw it's title... x

Rachel M. said...

ha ha, good one Potty!!!

Gill said...

The Mummo piece is fab. Thanks for raising the profile of HE is such a powerful way - as well as blogging!

*Bows down to Grit*


Iota said...

That's very clever.

Grit said...

it is great fun sharon, and i do not know why it gives me such a delightful and mischievous sense of wickedness to pull the stuffing out of the bums of cuddly toys, but it does. i confess it here.

potty mummy! i never ever said that ed balls used badman as a puppet mouthpiece for the totally stitched up piece of DCSF legislation which has now been booted out of parliament in the wash up. nope. i never said that. blame the lion.

rachel, i hope you will be making cheap and easy puppets now! i hope i'm not doing you out of a job!

gill, you need thanks from me for being so dedicated. it helps to know that many people are working on many fronts for a common aim to protect this freedom of choice, regardless of how we all home ed behind the scenes.

iota, you need never buy another puppet again.