Saturday, 17 April 2010

This is the best thing I have done all year

Inspired by yesterday, I thrash around in the bathroom-craftroom where I strap torn up strips of the Independent to chickenwire with lashings of glue. That feels better.

I know it looks like a car seat, but it is actually the start point for the sculpture, Seated Woman.

The children are mocking. Yes, I hear their cries of Mummy! What are you doing? She hasn't got a head. It looks like a car seat. I take these observations merely as a sign that yesterday's visit has broken through to their creative imaginations. Now I have done that, I know they will be inspired in similar vein. Squirrel has already created a plaster of paris dinosaur and Tiger has had a big squeal. This is great progress in the borderless lands of creativity, and I'm not stopping now.

The other remarkable event of the day is that Dig is not sitting in an aeroplane en route to Singapore. I'm not making any jokes about the unpronounceable volcano round here, I can tell you.

My heart started singing when I realised he was grounded, and I might have a husband. But then I realised that having a husband actually means we have to live together for two weeks in the same place, when really he would rather be changing planes for Bali.

Well I remain undaunted. In fact my inspired, creative state will see me through. After Car Seat, my next sculpture might be of a weak and blindfolded beggar teetering at a cliff edge holding a particularly heavy and difficult sheep. That sculpture, I would call Marriage.