Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A very English afternoon

This is the sort of thing the English do when the sun shines and the children need amusing. Find a Grade II listed house with a marquee in the garden and take ourselves off there for tea and biscuits on the lawn.

OK there aren't any biscuits but there is popcorn. Shut up about it being American. The English don't mention things like that. Don't comment on the milk bottle either. Shouting about the bleeding obvious is not polite. (I include that social tip for the benefit of the American reader.) I'm grateful they put out a milk bottle and not the finest Georgian crystal. Can you imagine the social hazards Gutter Grit would face when interacting with fine tableware!

And, for once, that hand reaching to grab a shovelful of popcorn isn't mine.

Anyway, look, there might be theatre!

And indeed there is. Here is a tin tray moving along a cloth. Call that a time machine.

And there is lots of drama.

I know it doesn't look like it, but there is. Don't say anything about that either. Just be grateful. Because it got rid of the kids for a couple of days on the excuse of socialisation and drama education and it's a very peaceful way to pass a late Tuesday afternoon, isn't it? Especially next to a posh house on a lawn. With a marquee. And tea.

Now thanks to Interaction for the fun we have. To them, Applause!


Michelle said...

how quaintly british!

I can't wait until my broad are big enough to appreciate it!

Rachel M. said...

That does look fun!

sharon said...

Wot, no cucumber sandwiches! Crustless of course. A lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.