Friday, 30 July 2010

I don't want to forget these evenings

Memorable for Shakespeare, out of doors; we sit on grass, hill side rising. Memorable for love, deception, passion, suicide, murder, Romeo, Juliet. Memorable for rained on. Memorable for actorly ingenuity, boundless energy, and unstoppable physicality. Memorable: it's Illyria. Memorable for darkening skies, shaking umbrellas, and cool night time falling. Memorable, with home made chocolate cake, warm to the touch, shaped in a love heart. Memorable, explaining; stabbing at my bosom with a cake slice; thinking, your life and learning drive me. Memorable. Tiger sits against the evening skies, waiting for the performance to begin, and flips through the CGP GCSE book with the cartoon double page spread. She opens it, scrutinises it, then explodes in exasperation, slams the book down and shouts That book's crap. Juliet never says 'Let's snog'. And Shakespeare didn't draw cartoons. When are they going to start the real thing?

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sharon said...

Fair comment Tiger.