Sunday, 4 July 2010

Richmond Castle

I have warned the children. When time comes for me, I want a big party. I want fantastic clothes, tall hats, bright purple.

If time allows, and beats a warning drum, I'll write out the music list, and no messing with that, little girls, or I'll come back and haunt you. I know it'll be 80s alternative rock, poncey folk from the hippiesixties and a scattering of everything else, from big band to do-dah-band, but you'll just have to each put your head in your hands and put up with it.

Meanwhile, as we travel towards the funeral day, we slow our journey, stop to visit, and pause to take photographs.

I love old castles, crumbling walls and haunted keeps. I love the timeless drying wind that blows against my face and silent private thinking of the thousands of people that moved in these places, all gone without us.

And that's what I choose to leave behind for today.