Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Elmer the elephant must die

I am coming to terms with it. But I know he is no longer loved. He was shoved under a trailer in the garage in 2004, and his face has been peed on by cats. But I am lingeringly attached. In bringing him to life, I broke my sewing machine.

I know the Roman amphorae must go too. They are made from carpet rolls, wrapped round with newspaper, modelling wire, and fastened with modroc. Then painted. Roman amphorae were painted pink, orange and blue, obviously.

It was a crap idea. It doesn't stay the course. They only looked good for the first two years then the plaster started crumbling and dropping off. Next time I will use papier mache. And we will make a really big one.

Then there is all the plastic junk. Freecycle might be their destiny. Although I will weep over the double swing. I have fond memories of little girls laughing. Then Nanjo getting stuck in it, and having to be levered out.

This is a hard backward path, this clearing up behind oneself.


sharon said...

Sometimes you just have to let go of the actual things that surround your life. Take lots of photos, they will always rekindle the memory banks.

emma said...

we have that castle! If you have any spare brave knights, I'd love to take them off your hands (though they've probably gone the way of all flesh, years ago)