Thursday, 3 March 2011

Don't come to Hong Kong for the shopping

If you have a spare day as you pass through Hong Kong, dump Zara. She's not worth it. Dump Harbour City shopping mall too, and the IFC mall. Elements shopping experience is more of the same. Pacific Place? Don't get me started.

Take the underground to Kam Sheung Road, then board the 64K bus to Kadoorie Farm. Walk up through the lower farm, round the coil of the road, through the gate; climb up into the mountains.

Everyday I realise how little I know. I didn't know Hong Kong was hundreds of uninhabited islands. I didn't know Hong Kong was pyramids of rock that rose from the sea. I didn't know Hong Kong was mountains of green. I didn't know how remote Hong Kong can feel, how beautiful it can look, two hours from Central.

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Angela said...

Very amazing to me! I thought Hong Kong was just skyscrapers!!