Tuesday, 29 March 2011

What? You mean it's already 2010?

There's no logic to this, absolutely none, but I have to finish what I started over there.

(Resolution made with fingers crossed behind back: I shall complete this steadily and slowly over the next couple of weeks!)

But shut up about the date thing. I know I am updating last year. Lalala not listening. I have an issue with time. It works outside of me and we rarely meet in the middle.

And the completeness of a single year in pictures with smug arsed caption is probably about my psychology, so shut up about that as well. It's just some weird thing I need to do to make the year complete, then I can leave it. Better I need to do that, than creepy things in parks late at night with chickens, so just be grateful.

Worse, the other day I peeked at the stats, and felt awful guilty. People still go there. They still join it and find stuff! It's sort of embarrassing. What is it that you need? Motivational home ed statements? Surely no-one's going to tell me they ever doubt this choice of educational bliss!

Then I said to Ditta that I'd finish it, so that's as good as a promise. I even borrowed her cards to remind me why I should bother. No you can't borrow them. Go and buy your own.

The only other thing I want to say about it all, is don't take me as any proclaimer, ambassador, follower, leader, spokesperson, or much of a competent person on anyone's side, group, or camp. I make my own decisions. I answer to me and the kids (and to Dig, for how I'm burning his money). If the site is in any way supportive for you, then I'm simply glad.

And you're welcome.


Deb said...

I love Smug Home Educating Bastards.

Particularly the title.

MadameSmokinGun said...

How could anyone argue? Well..... maybe just for fun. I really must take more pictures.... I really must learn how to download them etc...... I want a SHEB photo-memory/diary thang too