Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Turtles, mostly

Return to the ever fascinating Wong Tai Sin temple. Here are too many strange practices for me to understand or explain anything, so I offer photos of turtles from the garden of good wishes instead. I have about 200. Turtles, that is. I say only one wish in the garden, the one I keep harboured in my heart while my face pulls an expression of irritation, my mouth tuts, and the bit of my brain that hoards distant memory can replay the voice of my mother saying if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. So that's done, reality's checked, and here are the turtles.

By the way, this last one is Squirrel, asking the turtle if it approves of her drawing.
Don't say anything. You weren't there the night we had to leave out a pencil for the possum to complete the word search.


March 17th said...

Pencil makes perfect sense to me, our tortoise has his own Christmas stocking and a mini tranquility garden in his erm, thing that he lives in...fingers crossed for those wishes xx

MadameSmokinGun said...

I feel I've just travelled on the best tourist bus through a week or so's worth of your brain gardens. I even sat thro' the Dr Krashen bit. Think my blog addiction covers the 'pleasure reading' remit. Big respect for your ability to keep on bloggin' - I seem to be so tidal. And I especially love the rock porn. Imminent house moving has highlighted my own fetish. Decided to stash them before the real clear out begins and Mr RB starts the usual questioning of the validity of any of my 'possessions'.