Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Seen this place before

Return to Stowe Landscape Gardens. This time, for an architecture walk and talk, looking at construction of landscape and temples.

Recommended. Well informed, with maps, grotto scrutiny, and a slice of cake and a cup of tea alongside the elderlies. Call that social. I need to log it all down so I can feel smug about educational provision out here in the real world.

But it strikes me we are returning to these gardens more than usual this summer. I bet there are statistics for that. How else can it be explained, this regular return?

I have noticed the same happen for other locations too: like, I rarely go to London, but might then do so three times in quick succession, but not again for months. Is there some ratio or probability you can apply to summer urges, outing days, or as the fancy takes us?

I suppose I don't want to know the actual information with decimal points and all. It would only beg the next question: how likely is it, that each time I bring the kids to Stowe, I'm going to forget the camera?


sharon said...

But forgetting the camera gives you a cast-iron reason (excuse) to go again next time the sun is shining ;-)

We had frost overnight here, that's the price we pay for clear starry nights and sunny but chilly days.

Grit said...

you are right sharon. i will go back at the same point next year just to catch that barley field in action.

And frost! FROST. The idea is delightful. I will miss it again this year.