Sunday, 24 July 2011

A world picnic where everyone is nice to each other

See? Milton Keynes can organise the equivalent of the Notting Hill Carnival anytime it likes. This particular carnival day was set up by a lady who went off to be a primary school teacher.

She thought the world would be alright if all we people - with our different ideas, faiths, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions - would just decide to be nice to each other; if we sat down for a day together on the grass in the park, brought our picnics, and listened to all the bands play different music.

That's what we do, more or less. We all manage ourselves very well. We sit around, probably like they do on the first day at primary school, ignoring each other, watching the strange ones behave oddly over by the giant speakers, sharing our sweeties with our friends, and suffering the occasional opportunistic exhortations to find Jesus with a curious patience and without resorting to kick boxing.

So there are no punch ups, no effing and blinding round the teapot, and no offence taken. Well, Squirrel tried, but it just wasn't enough to cause a riot.

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sharon said...

Oh wouldn't it be luvverly!